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Audio Editing

  • Podcast Audio $30 minimum per episode if under 45 minutes, $45 for 45 minutes – 75 minutes of raw audio, up to 2 tracks/2 voices, additional time/tracks/voices at a cost of $15 per 20 minutes of raw audio.
  • Audio Book Narration $40 per chapter if under 45 minutes raw audio, $10 for each additional 15 minutes of raw audio. Additional $10 per chapter if retakes are required. Basic editing includes preparing files to meet ACX standards.
  • Sound Production $100 for each 15 minute block of audio to create a full audio atmosphere for your story or audio drama.
  • Basic editing includes:
    • Noise Reduction
    • Normalization
    • Removal (of obvious mistakes/long pauses)
    • Basic ID3 Tagging
    • Intro/Outro/Commercial Breaks
  • Additional editing for additional sound, extraneous voice removal (like umms and uhs), and heavy cross-talk, will be an additional cost and can be discussed later.


$10 per episode/chapter for the first 6 episodes/chapters, or more, based on reliability/timeliness of payment. You can pay this deposit for as few or as many episodes/chapters as you like to reserve time. If this relationship works, future episodes will not require a deposit.


Raw audio provided to me must be in WAV or MP3 format and I, in turn, will provide both a WAV & MP3 file or whichever you prefer.


Negotiable. If less time is required than previously agreed upon audio delivery timelines, there will be an additional $15 per episode/chapter fee for a rush. Limits apply.


Provided storage of episodes are available for one year, or 60 days post-last job, on Google Drive that you have 24/7 access to.


All rights are yours, but I may ask your permission to use small pieces of audio (up to 10 minutes) as part of my portfolio. Show notes, transcription, etc, are not part of this deal. All files (such as intros, outros, music, etc) must be provided before work commences.


As previously stated, $10 deposit per episode required at time of booking. Full invoice must be paid prior to final files being provided unless other payment details are worked out in advance. Payment shall be provided via PayPal.


Currently on hold until a new recording facility is secured.

If you have any questions about additional rates or something not listed, please email me at loopdilou[at]gmail[dot]com.