Jen Zink

I am a two-time Hugo finalist podcaster with nearly a decade of experience, and currently Co-Executive Producer and full-time Audio Editor for The Skiffy and Fanty Show. I am also the sound designer/audio editor for Nightlight Podcast, which produces short horror fiction by Black writers. Additionally, I am a freelance audio editor at BookRiot (When in Romance, Read or Dead, Get Booked, and For Real). In a former life, I was the Director of Operations for a non-profit.



Skiffy and Fanty Show
Nightlight Podcast


Umbel and Panicle
The Homepunks


PseudoPod #553
PseudoPod #614


The best thing I ever did for my podcast was hiring Jen Zink to be my editor. She’s thoughtful, creative, and extremely attentive to detail. She never misses a deadline, and I can always count on her to do quality work. In fact, she frequently catches narration mistakes that I miss. I know I can rely on Jen to meet my very high standards and plan to work with her for many years to come.

Tonia Thompson, Executive Producer of Nightlight Podcast

Let’s Work Together!

Audio Editing

Basic Editing

    • Noise Reduction
    • Normalization
    • Removal (of obvious mistakes/long pauses)
    • Basic ID3 Tagging
    • Intro/Outro/Commercial Breaks

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